Frequently Asked Questions

Question  (1): I  just moved to Plantation Point.  What do I need to do?

Answer: Review the New Resident Letter and all your questions should be answered.

Question  (2): I have a tree that is overhanging my house and I want to trim/remove?

Answer: Please contact any member of the ARB board and have them review action per aesthetics and covenants

Question (3): We are going to have a party with numerous guests and it is after the gate closes for the evening what can we do?

Answer:  Contact  Security (Bob Allison) to have him reprogram to have the gate open for the entry of your guests

Question (4): We have a large tree limb that has broken off and fell into the pond near my house what do I do?

Answer: Contact Maintenance (Steve Placido)  and he will have a local service remove offending item.

Question (5):  I would like to solicit decorations to use for a seasonal display for the front entrance how do I do it?

Answer:  Contact a person on the board to see if they are in agreement.